Terms & Condition

Every user must accept the below-mentioned Terms & Conditions and understand how to order from Cotlin in order to buy any product.

Cotlin has the right to delete, alter, and change the Terms & Conditions at any time. Users must understand them properly and then make their purchases online.

All the products are checked, screened, and assured by the vendor before dispatching and they make sure to deliver the high-standard products to the customers.

The price and availability of any product can be changed without any prior information at the sole discretion of Cotlin.

Cotlin will not entertain any cancellation made by customers, and every customer must understand the cancellation policies before canceling the order.

Cotlin reserves all rights to cancel any order from their end for incorrect information products. Even if the product is a prepaid order, Cotlin will provide you with a refund on the orders canceled by our team.

If a non-delivery or late delivery occurs due to the mistake of customers, any extra charge for re-delivery will be levied by the users themselves.

If the user faces any issue with understanding the Terms & Conditions, they can ask for clarifications through the mail.

Cotlin attempts to provide clear and accurate descriptions of the products. However, we don’t give any warranty on the descriptions or other content on the site. You may get a slight color variation from the photographs as all the photography is done in high-light surroundings.

If any product is not as it is described completely, then the customer has the sole remedy to return the item in an unused condition.

The user agrees to give authentic information before making their purchase and Cotlin has the right to confirm all the details before shipping the product from the vendor end. If any user is found using fake information, Cotlin has the right to cancel their registration at any moment.

The liability of using a credit card is totally on the user, and Cotlin is not responsible for any fraudulent activity on credit cards.

The user certifies that they have completed at least 18 years of age or have the consent of the parent or legal guardian before ordering from Cotlin.

Cotlin will not entertain any complaint after 5 days, once the order is delivered to the customer. When you order a product using Cotlin’s online platform, you confirm to us that you have read all the Terms & Conditions, Return Policy, Shipping Policy, and Privacy Policies from the website and accept them all before ordering with Cotlin.