About Us


Cotlin was founded with the intention of bringing the customs and diversity of Indian textiles to the far reaches of the country. Adding a touch of glitz to your wardrobe and, eventually, to your personality. A celebration of the arts and crafts of India's bright, vibrant, and diverse culture is produced when skilled artisans from the holy city of Varanasi work with pure silk thread to create elaborate patterns. Cotlin offers a variety of inspected, high-quality goods that can be passed down through the generations, including sarees and fabric for unstitched clothes. Whether it's a bridal saree or a casual saree, we've managed to keep our customers' faith, and we make a pledge to keep bringing you joy in the shape of luxurious fabrics.


We believed that India's ancient crafts and art were becoming less appealing in this fast-fashion world. Seeing India's incredibly skilled and seasoned artists and weavers struggling to make ends meet also made us very sad. Our effort to preserve the many Indian crafts is called Cotlin. Our items are made by skilled weavers, whose ancestors also worked as weavers and who have spent decades honing their craft. The saree or fabric made with the certified silk thread we use for weaving won't ever lose its elegance and luster.