Collection: Kota-doria Sarees

Kota-Doria sarees are a type of traditional Indian sarees that originate from the city of Kota in Rajasthan, India. These sarees are known for their lightweight and sheer fabric, which is woven with a blend of cotton and silk threads. The weaving technique used in creating these sarees are called "khat," which involves weaving delicate chequered patterns on the fabric.

The unique feature of the sarees is their airy and transparent texture, which makes them perfect for hot and humid climates. The sarees are adorned with beautiful designs and motifs, often incorporating zari (metallic thread) work and intricate borders. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns, catering to various preferences and occasions.

They are highly regarded for their elegance, durability, and breathability. They are popular among women of all ages and are often worn for special occasions, festivities, and formal events. Due to their lightweight nature, these sarees are comfortable to wear and drape beautifully, adding a touch of grace to the wearer's ensemble.

Over the years, Doria sarees from Kota have gained recognition and popularity not only in India but also internationally. They are considered a symbol of Rajasthan's rich textile heritage and craftsmanship. Many artisans and weavers in Kota continue to produce these exquisite sarees, keeping the tradition alive.

In conclusion, Kota-Doria sarees are renowned for their lightweight fabric, intricate weaving, and sheer elegance. They have become a cherished part of Indian ethnic fashion, showcasing the skill and artistry of the weavers from Kota.