The Dazzling Royal Lineage of Indian Gota Patti: Classic Indian Wears

The Dazzling Royal Lineage of Indian Gota Patti: Classic Indian Wears

  • Amidst all the glitz and glamour of our Indian Gota Patti, there is a story of its royal lineage captured in the fantasy of those times. Let us look at the history of this exquisite Gotta embroidery and the fieldwork involved in it. This craft is centuries-old and dates back to the 3rd and 5th Centuries. Originally popular in Punjab, it has grown to be known in other states as well.

  • The Story

    While its origin is uncertain, it is thought that the Gota pattis were attached for the first time during the Mughal era. The Muslim craftsmen were inspired by this and introduced it as a classical royal wear under the guidance of the Mughals. For the royals the gold was used but now it is replaced with Zari.

  • What is Gota?

    Gota is a ribbon that has ‘badla‘ in the middle and a silk twist. Badla is a flattened wire made in silver or gold colors. Most of the manufacturing for Gota is done majorly from Surat and rest is done from Ajmer since the 17th – 20th centuries.

    The leaf motif can be seen in various restatements and collections of Gota Patti. Gotas are manufactured into the bands of Gota Moti and patti. The statement Gota patti is cut into small leaves.

    Gota-tukdis are used on garments and turbans too. In gotta, gold and silver ribbons are applied to fabric in elaborate patterns that evoke luxury and splendor.

  • A Symbol of Goodwill

    Traditionally connected with royal members, priests, shrines, and prayer offerings, it was considered a good Shagan or a symbol of goodwill. Gota is used as Kinari in many types of clothes, especially cotton.

    Considered to be a Shagan and a symbol of goodwill, gotta was also used as a Kinari into garments. Lately, polyester Gotas are being mass produced on electrically motorized looms and are being widely used in Rajasthan.

  • The Cotlin

    Gota Patti at ‘The Cotlin’, has perfected this valuable technique and has a beautiful assemblage of ageless and exclusive Gota Patti suits and sarees. By adapting to today's times and reflecting the sensibilities of today's woman, we aim to create art that speaks to the contemporary woman.

    Its modern-day Gota derivatives range from bridal lehengas, suits, sarees to decor items. Against the Indian colors, its metallic shimmer creates a striking contrast.

    Our team works with a few craftsmen who have kept the tradition alive. With passion and love, we practice and assemble these pieces to keep them relevant for its patrons.

  • Our Outlook

    We do not just look at Gota as an artifact of the past but we want to transform and make it relevant in today’s context too. For us this art has opened doors to take this art to the future.

    Wrap yourself in the magic of this ageless charm. We have a collection of sarees and unstitched suits with intricate Gota patti embroidery embellished in bold new designs and interesting colours. Our collection has something for every woman here. Take your pick from our designer collection and complement them with oxidized gold jewellery and mules to look like a royal.

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