Stylish Must-Have Sarees for Celebrating Teej

Stylish Must-Have Sarees for Celebrating Teej

  • Teej is the festival of monsoon. It is celebrated when the surroundings turn lush green due to the continuous rains in the Northern parts of India. The festival has a special significance for women as they celebrate this with a lot of passion and happiness.

    It signifies the martial union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this day, women dress up in beautiful Indian attires, mostly sarees and celebrate the festival with devotion.

    This is the perfect time to put on colorful sarees and have a good time. Women wear pretty sarees and jewelry to look their best. In this blog, we will pick five unusual saree types that are perfect for Teej celebrations.

  • Tussar Moonga Sarees

    Tussar silk sarees are a great choice for this year's Teej festival. They're light and breathable, making them comfortable for the humid monsoon season. Opt for a lovely pastel shade and pair it with bold chokers and earrings for an elegant look.

    Although light, moonga silk sarees exude a royal charm, with their shiny appearance. These sarees are perfect for the traditional Teej celebration, representing grace and individuality. Try out moonga sarees this season to stand out and feel special.

  • Sarees with Gota Patti work

    Opt for a heavy Gota Patti work saree to stand out. The golden patterns of Gota Pattis bring a grand and majestic touch to your Teej celebrations and that is why they are perfect for such grand celebrations. Gota Patti detailing adds extra charm to your Teej festivities.

    Choose a saree in light color with golden Gota Patti border to enhance your style. Find a fantastic range of colors on ‘The Cotlin’ that range from lilacs, limes, fiery reds, pinks, oranges and more.

  • Banarasi Khaddi Chiffon Sarees

    Khaddi Chiffon sarees are usually very light and see-through. Adding a Banarasi pattern to a soft, light silk fabric is a classic choice that gives a special touch to traditional sarees. These look stylish and graceful.

    Whether you want a regular color or a bright one like orange, chiffon sarees will definitely get attention. Check out this banarasi khaddi chiffon saree online on ‘The Cotlin’, with a special Crimson Maroon color and a unique zari design. Wear this rare find and look regal on Teej while enjoying the beauty of this timeless favorite saree.

  • Banarasi Linen Saree

    Banarasi Linen sarees are something special. They bring together the smoothness of linen fabric and the beauty of Banarasi weaving. Get ready to celebrate the colorful Teej festival with this lively orange saree that shines with grace and charm.

    With its fancy border and bright orange color, this saree can make you feel like a real princess. Discover the wonderful collection of traditional Linen Banarasi sarees at 'The Cotlin,' where you'll have lots of options to choose from.

  • If you want a special and different style for this Teej festival, you should check out the pretty sarees available at 'The Cotlin.' 'The Cotlin' wants to make your wardrobe more exciting and also celebrate the various arts and crafts from India's different cultures.

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